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First-time Drivers Drug

& Alcohol Course

Are you at least 15 years old and ready to get your first Florida driver license? If you are, you can take your DHSMV-required drug and alcohol course online! Completing the 4-hour Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course is your first step to getting your Florida Class E learner's permit.You can take the First-time Drivers Drug & Alcohol course online or in our classroom.

BDI class

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BDI 4-hour Course- Florida Traffic School

Get Your BDI Completion Certificate Immediately!  A Florida traffic ticket can ruin your day! Whether you got your Florida ticket for speeding, red light running, improper lane change, failure to yield, or any some other moving violation, we have you covered.

Attending this 4-hour BDI / TCAC course will provide you with the following benefits: 
No points on driving record – Florida law states that any driver who completes a 4-hour basic driver improvement course for a moving violation will not receive points on his or her driving record (§318.14[9], F.S.) 
Keep insurance rates from increasing – If a driver attends a BDI course for a ticket AND that driver did not cause an accident, Florida law prohibits the driver's insurance company from raising his or her rate (§626.9541, F.S.) 
Maintain safe driver status – Your "safe driver" notation on your license will not be removed 
Reduce your risk of future tickets / crashes – Studies show that drivers who complete State approved traffic school programs are less likely to receive future tickets or be involved in a crash 

You can take the Basic Driver Improvement course online or in our classroom.

ADI 12 hour class

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ADI 12-Hour Course

Get Your Florida Driver License Back Quickly!  12-hour Advanced Driver Improvement is required for drivers with a suspended or revoked Florida license. Course attendance might also be required by a Florida traffic court or for a driver who is a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO). A driver must show proof of enrollment in an ADI course before he or she is eligible to apply for a Florida hardship license. 

You can take the Advanced Driver Improvement course online or in our classroom.

Mature driver course

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Mature Driver Course

Save up to 15% on Your Florida Auto Insurance! 
Florida law (§627.0652, F.S.) allows any licensed Florida driver 55 or older to take a mature driver course to receive a mandatory auto insurance discount.  This 6-hour State of Florida approved course can save you up to 15% on your Florida auto insurance. 
Mature Driver Course That's Easy to Use 
This Florida mature driver course has been designed with seniors in mind. It's very easy to use and includes the following great features:  
Reduce your risk of future tickets / crashes – Studies show that drivers who complete State approved traffic school programs are less likely to receive future tickets or be involved in a crash.

IDI 8 hour course

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IDI 8-hour Course Traffic School

8-Hour Florida traffic school is also known as Intermediate Driver Improvement, or IDI. If a Florida judge or court has ordered you (or allowed you) to attend an 8-hour driver improvement course for your Florida traffic ticket, this is the course you need.

You can take the Intermediate Driver Improvement course online or in our classroom.

Youthful Offender class

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Student Traffic Offender Program (STOP)

DTA's original Student Traffic Offender Program, designed for youthful traffic offenders, is currently only offered in the classroom. Attendance of this course is required by court order only.

DWLS/R 8 hour course

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DWLS/R 8-hour Course - Driving While License is Suspended / Revoked

The DWLS/R Course (Driving While License is Suspended or Revoked) is an 8 Hour Court Ordered class. It is used by the court as part of the sentencing and/or probation process to help a student work toward reinstatement of their License. Students evaluate their personal and driving habits, review their driving record and determine what steps are required to have their driving privileges re-instated. 

The State of Florida County Courts require you to attend this course in a Traditional Classroom as part of a sentencing judgment. Typical reasons students are Court Ordered to take the 8 Hour DWLS course include: 

Received violation(s) for Driving on a Suspended License (DWLS) 
Received violation(s) for Driving on an Invalid Drivers License (NVDL) 
Condition of Probation release often due to repeated DWLS/R or NVDL violations.

Collision Avoidance

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TCAC 4-hour Traffic Collision Avoidance Course

Florida drivers must complete a Traffic Collision Avoidance Course to retain a driver license in the following circumstances: 

- You were a driver in a crash and are found at fault and 
- Someone was transported to the hospital or 
- You had two crashes in a two-year period, which resulted in property damage greater than $500


OUR COMMUNITY EDUCATION TEAM IS NOW OFFERING CORPORATE TRAINING. We will come to Your Location. Instruction is customized to your educational needs in Defensive Driving and we deliver it with fun in mind. CONTACT US NOW.


Offering two in-person classrooms in Central Florida & online courses.


Great quality, low cost traffic school, defensive driving, and driver improvement courses are what we specialize in. As an affiliate, DTA is one of the largest traffic schools in the nation, with millions of drivers trained since 1977.

OUR COMMUNITY EDUCATION TEAM IS NOW OFFERING CORPORATE TRAINING. We will come to Your Location. Offering a variety of Instructional Topics related to Your interests in Defensive Driving. CONTACT US NOW.

online class

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Online Traffic School

We also offer online convenience.

If you are far away from the I-4 corridor, or just prefer to stay off the road, we offer web-based courses. They are equally certified by the State of Florida. Our online courses are written in an engaging style and is designed to be easy for even novice computer users. Unlike most other online Florida traffic school programs that force you to read hours of dry text and statistics, our courses feature video, animations, and colorful graphics.

Courses offered online:

------> Florida Traffic School (4 hour BDI)

------> Florida Drug and Alcohol Course (4 hour)

------> Advanced Driver Improvement (12-Hour ADI)

------> Intermediate Driver Improvement (8-Hour IDI)



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